Cotton pads are much more useful if they last for up to 800 times. But, it gets even better if you know that they are 100% eco-friendly.


Soft, comfortable, and delicate pads are the best thing to do. Want to hear the best? It doesn't matter what's your age or skin type, you can start using them right away.


Double-sided soft cotton. They are perfect for using either with a cleanser, micellar water, or toner. Just depends on what you prefer the most.


And now, you can get yours delivered directly to your door. Click on "Add to Cart", and get them ready-to-use in less than a few days.


  • This product comes also in a set with a washing bag and a bamboo box. Click HERE to check it.


  • The planet goes first (Bamboo Pads):

    • 70% Bamboo Fiber

    • 30% Cotton


    The planet goes first (Hemp Pads):

    • 95% Hemp Fiber

    • 5% Linen


    100% Biodegradable

    100% Washable

    100% Sustainable

    100% Natural

    100% Compostable

    100% Plastic Free

    100% Vegan

  • Instructions:

    • Wash it all

    • Dip into warm water (or your preferred product)

    • Wipe away the makeup

    • Repeat


    Washing Process:

    • Put them into the washing machine at 40°C or by hand.

    • Use a dry towel, put them on a flat surface, or hang them.

    • (You can opt to iron them at a low temperature.)





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