Cotton plastic swabs are a big problem for the whole environment. However, that's not a problem anymore. Our Cotton Swabs are purely made of bamboo and organic cotton.


You can just throw them away after use in the organic waste, or compost.


The whole set comes with a bamboo box. Which can be reused or refilled with new ones in the future.


Now, you can get yours delivered directly to your door. Click on "Add to Cart", and get our brand-new eco-friendly swabs in less than a few days.


  • Bamboo, Cotton


    100% Biodegradable

    100% Sustainable

    100% Natural

    100% Compostable

    100% Plastic Free

    • Take a swab out of the box.
    • Use it to clean your ears (not inside the ear canal), tiny spots in the house, or to correct your makeup.
    • Throw it into the recycle bin or compost it.
    • And that's it :)




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