Kind and gentle. Both to your gums, and the earth. Suitable for all ages.


Our ecologic toothbrushes are made of sustainably sourced and naturally antibacterial Bamboo. Yes, you will be protecting your teeth and the environment at the same time.


These toothbrushes come with BPA Free Medium Bristles. It's carefully designed to fit your mouth leaving your teeth clean after every use.


Yes, they are recyclable and the handle is biodegradable.


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  • Handle: Biodegradable Bamboo

    100% Biodegradable

    100% Washable

    100% Sustainable

    100% Natural

    100% Compostable

    100% Plastic Free


    Bristles: Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber and BPA Free Nylon.

    100% Washable

    100% Recyclable

    100% Washable

    100% Recyclable 

  • You should change your toothbrush every 3 months, as dentists say. That's the reason you should start using organic ones, as you can replace them anytime.

    But... once you are ready to throw it away, you should CRACK the tip of the brush, then compost the handle. To end up throwing the rest to the recycle bin.

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