Why choosing between practicality, sustainability and cleansing efficacy when you can have all of the above in a single product? The shower duo offers the best natural combo to leave your skin soft and moisturized, and your hair smooth and clean!.


The soap bar (the beige one) is a gentle foamy body and facial cleanser. It's everything you can wish in a shower cleansing bar with safe ingredients, parfum free, paraben free and of course plastic free!.


The shampoo bar (the white one) will last long time, replacing 1 or 2 traditional bottles of shampoo, it's budget friendly and it feels totally lush. The coconut oil in this solid shampoo leaves your hair clean, smooth and lightweight. No need for conditioner or acid rince.


The metal tin has little holes on the bottom in order to let your solid bars dry correctly and make them last longer. Ideal for travelling, no need to squeeze your shower essentials into those tiny plastic bags! Simply toss the compact shower duo in your carry-on case and you're good to go!.


We've been working on this product for a long time and we really love it, we hope you will love it too!.


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  • Shampoo: sodium cocoyl isethionate, stearic acid, theobroma cacao butter, cocos nucifera oil, butyrospermum parkii butter, olea europaea unsaponifiable oil.


    Calendula Soap: Cocos nuciphera oil, aqua, sodium hydroxide, olea europaea oil, calendula officinalis extract, mannitol, helianthus annuus seed oil, citrus aurantius dulcis oil, limonene.

    Net weight. 100gr

    1 Recyclable Aluminium tin.


    • 100% Biodegradable

    • 100% Natural

    • 100% Plastic Free

    • 100% Vegan

    • 100% Parfum free

    • No Palm Oil

    • Works like any other soap :)




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