This corn fiber floss is 100% biodegradable. It's especially suitable for people with tight, or sensitive teeth.


The floss is soaked with Organic Peppermint essential oil. Coming with analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and cooling properties. It's coated with vegan candelilla wax.


Slides easily between your teeth, no matter what.

Yet, there is nothing better than a floss that keeps the whole environment protected – as well as your teeth


Comes in a reusable glass flint and a metal cap dispenser. You can use it again and again... as long as you have refills.


(30 meters: around 100 applications.)


Contains no gluten, preservatives, artificial coloring, or sweeteners.

THE FLOSS (Sensitive)

  • Floss: Corn Fiber, Euphorbia Cerifera Wax, Mentha Piperita Oil.

    100% Biodegradable

    100% Sustainable

    100% Natural

    100% Compostable

    100% Plastic Free

    100% Vegan


    Jar and Lid: Glass, Stainless Steel

    100% Recyclable

    100% Plastic Free

    • Pull out the floss and roll around your index fingers
    • Floss between your teeth, as close to the gum-line as possible
    • For maximum longevity, store it in a cool, dry location. Away from the direct sunlight.




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